Watch this quick video for all the details, and to see me unbag the latest LoopsClub kit!

Join the club!

Join the world's only on-trend, effortless, luxury yarn Club supported by a real, local yarn store! Now with no-wool options!

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Receive all the benefits of monthly membership, plus a BONUS reversible Binkwaffle project bag with your first kit. You'll also receive a LoopsClub Infinity membership card, which entitles you to 10% off in the Loops store, on, and on for extra kits - as long as you remain an Infinity member!

Price: $299.94 for first 6 months, then $49.99 a month thereafter. Now available in "NO WOOL" or "CLASSIC" (which can include both animal and plant fibers).

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Loopsclub Monthly

Each month, you'll receive a LoopsClub blue bag with an original knit pattern, an original crochet pattern, and luxury yarn custom-dyed for LoopsClub, curated to go perfectly with each pattern. You choose whether to make the knit or crochet pattern each month!

We also include occasional surprises, shipping at no extra charge, and our amazing, white glove support!

Price: $49.99 a month. Now available in either "NO WOOL" or "CLASSIC" (which can include both animal and plant fibers).

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Bi-monthly is just like a monthly membership, except you receive your kits every other month, beginning the month after you sign up. You receive the same luxury yarn, knit pattern, crochet pattern and occasional surprises as Monthly members.

You have more time to complete projects - albeit at the risk of missing out on projects you might really love.

Price: $49.99 billed every other month. Available only in CLASSIC, which can include both animal and plant fibers.

Received my amazing blue bag today. Happy happy joy joy! I just want to say thank you so much for opening my eyes to a whole new world of knitting and crochet. Honestly, I have never seen or felt a more beautiful yarn than the one I received today. It actually made me feel a little emotional, so so soft and the color is out of this world!
— Lisa B., LoopsClub Infinity member
Whooooooot! You’ve knocked it out of the park in creating a community for us crafters that is fun, supportive, unique and inspiring. THANK YOU!!!
— Christine F., LoopsClub Infinity member
I joined LoopsClub when it first started and I have been a member ever since. I barely knew how to knit, but through the kind and patient group of the Loops Troops I persevered. I would advise anyone who has the desire to just jump right in and try. The yarns are so yummy you can’t wait to start knitting. Knitting is something that can never be taken away from you and it just makes me smile. Give yourself a treat, you won’t regret it.
— Susan L., LoopsClub Infinity member
When my blue bag arrives, I actually prolong the process a little. I pour a glass of wine and sit down, slit open the package, carefully undo the tape on the tissue paper, gasp/shriek, take the yarn out and fondle, then read the pattern.
— Amy K., LoopsClub Infinity member
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